Welcome to Gwadar – a district of the province of Balochistan, situated at a distance of 750 km from Karachi. Gwadar is a planned free trade port city on the southwestern warm waters of the Arabian Sea coastline of Pakistan. In 2011, it was designated as the winter capital of Balochistan. Gwadar has a population of approximately 85,000.

Today it is the centre of attention for all the super powers of the world and the centre of attraction for all investors who want to invest in the properties  and potential businesses of Gwadar. Gwadar property is considered to be the most prime investment with heavy short and long term return potential.

Gwadar Port is located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, just outside the Strait of Hormuz, near the key shipping routes in and out of the Persian Gulf, where more than 35% of world’s oil is transported.

On 22 March 2002, the Government of Pakistan began construction of Gwadar Port, a modern deep-sea port, the first phase of which was completed in December 2005 and the second in March 2007. Gwadar Port became fully operational in December 2009. The 1400 km Trans-Afghan Gas Pipeline (TAP) from Turkmenistan to Gwadar, a long-dormant project that would pump Turkmen natural gas to markets in South Asia, may finally be poised to begin at a cost of $3 billion. The Government has announced that a massive defense facility will be constructed in the city in order to guarantee the security of the area. The Government has also announced that a new shipbuilding centre will be built at Gwadarr.

In July 2013, in a  visit of the Pakistani Premier to China, the Pakistani & Chinese teams signed numerous projects related to Gwadar. They are calling it an Economic Corridor, where there would be a train and road link from Kashgar to Gwadar,  a motorway & a bullet train better Lahore and Karachi and a fibre link upto the chinese border.

As per the Pakistani Premier, the development of Gwadar has the potential to affect 3 billion people!

In 2013, Gwadar Port operations were officially handed over to China. According to the contract signed, a full-fledged commercial port will be constructed with initial investment of $750 million.

This port also holds great importance to Russian and Central Asian states giving them similar advantage as China!

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