Gwadar Port

Gwadar deep sea port is strategically located at the cross-roads of energy corridor, next to Gulf and Central Asian states. It provides trade opportunities to the landlocked Central Asian states and could help provide energy for China’s western provinces. It is forecast to generate 2 million jobs besides various economic benefits for the country.

The Phase-I of the port was completed in 2006. It was operated by PSA International from 2007 to 2012. In 2013, the operations have been awarded to the China Overseas Port Holding Company, a Chinese state owned company. Phase-II of the development project is still ongoing, which would increase the service capacity of the port.

Gwadar Port

Current Port Infrastructure

Currently the port can has following infrastructure.

  • 3 -multipurpose berths – each 200 meters long.
    • 1 -RO-RO berth
    • 1-100 meter service berth
    • 4.7┬ákm long approach channel dredged to 15.5 m inner harbor and 12.5 m outer harbor
    • Width of channel-206 m
    • Port Basin and Turning Area 595 m diameter
    • Related port infrastructure and port handling equipment & pilot boats, tugs, survey vessels, etc.
    • The port, currently, has the capacity to handle 50,000 DWT bulk carriers.

Current port facilities

  • Port Area 64,000 sq-m
  • Container stacking area 48,278 sq-m
  • Reefer area (400 points) 367sq-m
  • Empty container stacking area 6,815 sq-m
  • Storage yard 28,669 sq-m
  • Transit shed 3,750 sq-m
  • Hazardous cargo storage yard 1,800 sq-m