What is Savaira City

All eyes are on Gwadar, ever since the port has been handed over to the Chinese. Today, Gwadar is considered to be the safest place to invest with highest possible return on investment potential. There is serious buying & selling spree of properties between the investors. However, for a regular person, the decision becomes very difficult, who neither has the time nor expertise to buy and sell at the right moment. Let us present you a brilliant option, both for the novice and the expert investor!

Savaira City is a real estate project in Gwadar City of Pakistan, being developed by Savaira City Developers & Builders. In Urdu language, Savaira means “early morning”.

Gwadar is a deep sea port. Due to its of the great strategic importance, the Pakistan government & the Chinese government have joined hands to develop it into the Hong Kong & Dubai of future. In a recent visit to China, the Pakistani Premier announced the Gwadar has the potential to affect around 3 Billion people worldwide. Within this important place, Savaira City is a unique project that is spread over an area of 172 acres! (read more about this in our Section on Gwadar)

Although Savaira is a housing project, it is the only approved project in which Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) has allowed to have 40% of commercial land (normal ratio is 4-5%). The reason for this high ratio is the base of Savaira City which is pure rock that makes it a natural home for high rise building of at least 40 storeys.


Come to Savaira City … where Sand is turning into Gold! 

Let us tell you some basic facts about your project .. yes, it is your project because it has been designed for you!

We value your ease & your security!

Just a road across the pristine, shallow coastline of the Arabian Sea, Savaira City proudly sits just 5 minutes drive from Gwadar Inland Water Sports Complex and the Governor House. Pakistan Coast Guard office in Gwadar is located within Savaira City, which gives the whole project a sense of personal security. To top it all, Savaira also hold a 3.45 acre future Gwadar Development Authority office, which is a stamp of our authenticity –something not everyone in Gwadar can claim!

Green City for a greener future

Savaira City Builders are very conscious of the need for green cities to secure our future. A step towards a green city is Savaira City’s street lights which are all on solar power. Another unique idea is the plantation of date palms. We are not only planting a huge number of trees on our own but are also offering our client a unique proposition – you plant a data palm anywhere and you get the produce!

We are proud to announce that we even have our own sea water desalination plant and recycling plant. Basic ground work, like pipeline lying, has already been done for the desalination plant.

Basic Amenities

We are of the opinion that your life should not be limited to the confines of your home or luxury villa. The infrastructure of your location must liberate you from all basic amenity issues so that you can share your lifestyles with each other and strengthen the communal fabric.

At Savaira City, we have designed, be it rain or a storm, be it hot under the sun or cold in the winter nights, to ensure persistent and trouble free functioning of basic support and value added services and utilities within the comfort zones of your home and vicinity.

Apart from all the basic amenities like drainage, sewerage, utilities and underground electricity system, Savaira City will house all the elements of a small city to help your family lead a full and enjoyable life within it premises.

Savaira City will have its own schools, hospitals, mosques, community centre & a public Library. Apart from regular parks, it will have its own playland and mini-Zoo. (please see Savaira City Map for details).

Savaira City regions

The Platinum Commercial (High Rise)

Welcome to the land of the giants. Yes, we have designated a large area for the giants … the 40 storey high rise buildings, right on the marine drive, just 166 feet away from the beautiful green beach.

We feel that the area is limited. Book your plots now or lest your regret!

We have further facilitated your prime investment by offering a 3 year installment plan. If you have the strength to provide a full upfront payment, we can offer a discount of 10%. Don’t miss this platinum opportunity.

Commercial Gold (Low Rise) – ‘The China Town’

We welcome you to orient, our Commercial Gold category that we have named the “China Town”. Investment in this area is guaranteed to turn even sand into gold. This area is designated for 20 storey low rise buildings and shopping malls.

The 3 year installment plan is valid for all Savaira Schemes.

Commercial Green

Commercial Green is a market place where you can make 3 storey (ground+2) buildings and maximize your investments. Today this place is worth nothing compared to what it will be when Gwadar comes to life ..sooner than you think!


We believe in work & life balance. You can never achieve peace & happiness with money alone. You need to have a happy life and for such a dream to come true, we are giving you the opportunity to bring your dream home into life.

Right in front of the Arabian coastline, we are giving you a chance to make your dream house and you do not need to be a millionaire for that. He we have ensured that even with the most humble earnings to the highest, one can have a home in Savaira … why else would we have named it so!